Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Loving Autumn.

Thank GOODNESS autumn came early this year because this summer was a mess, a hot mess - literally. Last year summer went well into early October and as a person who resents hot weather (can you tell?) I was so happy when the weather started cooling down this year a week into September.

Autumn is here, and its my favourite fashion season. I love layers, and the rich jewel and earth tones and accessories. My face makeup actually stays on my face - brilliant!

I've been looking for garnet and deep red items of clothing for a while, and surprisingly, have been having a hard time. Similarly, I've been on the search for a polka dot button-down. So HOW SPLENDID that I was able to find both, at my trusty Old Navy, and put together an outfit that I only thought was possible in my dreams. <3 ______ <3

Watch - Fossil || Lipstick - Maybelline "Watermelon"

Cardigan, Button-Down + Skirt - Old Navy || Oxfords - New Look

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Workwear II: Office Florals

Continuing with the workwear theme I've decided to dedicate my blog to this summer, I've put together this outfit for those of you that love floral prints (such as myself). I love florals - in all seasons- because they're great to dress up or dress down, depending on what you wear them with and how you accessorize. They're a fun way to add print to any outfit, without being overwhelming, and especially in the workplace, they remain conservative while being a fun way to perk up an outfit.

Pearls - From the Homelane || Lipstick - Backstage by Revlon, Suede Collection

Dress - Forever 21+ || Blazer - Old Navy || Shoes - Naturalizer

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Workwear I: The Two-Tone Blazer

Since the start of my blog, one of the main questions I get are related to office/business clothes - how to style them, where to purchase them, and how to make them work for plus sizes. I realize the struggle that is finding business and business casual outfits for plus sizes - traditional business cuts are just not at all what I'm comfortable in or feel I look good in. Since starting law school, I've really upped my search in finding affordable, comfortable and work-appropriate wear.

This summer I have my first full-time, full-fledged, real law job. Luckily, its a business-casual as opposed to strict business attire environment, but finding different ways to wear different outfits 5-days a week over and over has been a challenge.  As such, I've decided to dedicate my outfit posts this summer to workwear.

Stay Tuned!

Necklace - c/o Additionelle || Lip Colour - Brick by Avon

Two-Tone Blazer - Laura Plus || Skater Dress - Forever 21+ || Mary Jane Wedges - Naturalizer

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Postponed

So, who knew winter would last a solid 6 months this year? Don't get me wrong - I'll take winter over summer any day - but not at the expense of my beloved fall and spring! But just because the weather says one thing, doesn't mean I can't adorn myself in pending spring fashions, right?

Also, for those of you nearing the end of the semester - good luck on your exams!
Lipstick - Diva by MAC

Sweater- Clothing Swap || Peplum Floral Top - Forever 21 + || Jeans - Nygard via The Bay || Shoes - Topsider by Sperry